How we work

Being a family eco- soft furnishing company, most of the work we create is bespoke and made to order to match the exact requirements of our clients.

We have the expertise and skills to focus on high quality, unique pieces which are made especially for discerning parents (but not only) who look for sophistication and elegance in children’s designs.


How to order a bespoke item?

  • In our online shop there is a selection of pieces, which can used as a template to create a variation of your preferred design.
  • Alternatively, you can send us some images, magazine cut-outs, Pinterest images etc. showing us what kind of style you would like to achieve.
  • We will usually ask you for an image, particularly if we are making bespoke curtains, as it helps us to consider the more technical aspect and ensures that we do not make something that looks good but is totally impractical in your interior
  • We may decide not to undertake a project if we firmly believe that it the final result would compromise our high standards,  i.e for instance if you opt for a design that we think it is not suitable for a chosen fabric.


The ordering process:

  1. When you click the Contact Us button, a form will be available and you can explain what you would like us to make. Then we’ll talk about it in more detail on the phone, Skype or via email – whichever you prefer – to get clear on function, style, size and budget.
  2. We then send you a proposal covering everything we’ve talked about for your unique item, potentially including a drawing, if required, budget and timeframe.
  3. Once we’ve agreed on the proposal, you pay the agreed sum and we get to work.
  4. When the piece is ready it will be shipped to you and we will notify you about the shipment immediately.



Time-we are usually able to complete a made-to-measure order within 1-2 working weeks.

Price-there is no minimum order value for bespoke items

Payment-there are three possible ways to pay:

  • You can create a store account, as if you were buying an ready-to-make product. We will temporarily add your product to our store inventory and you will be able to purchase it using PayPal gateway
  • You can use your PayPal account and make a payment directly to us via the PayPal website using our email address:
  • You can make a direct payment into our UK bank account . (We will provide you with the details on request). When using this direct method we will be able to offer a reduced shipping rate between 20% -30% depending on the order value.

Shipping-we always use a trackable mail option. For European orders we use a courier service. If you would like more details on delivery please click on the Postage and Delivery page or Contact us.



Testimonials from some of our clients

These curtains are adorable! The craftsmanship is superb and the packaging delightful. The customer service was great as well. I highly recommend these! They hang in my grandson's nursery and could not look cuter! (Mary, Atlanta, USA)

I immediately fell in love with your simple designs and obvious dedication. The curtains were over my budget but I had a lot of faith in you and your correspondence was very encouraging. A lot of big companies treat customers as just a number, but you treated me as an individual and respected my wishes. Your invaluable advice and suggestions are also highly commended. I struggle to find clothes and shoes for my son because I dress him how i like  to dress, not in bright ugly clothes with large superheroes etc on them. And it's nice to find someone who shares that passion for children's items. Your company name is brilliant and your attitude is first class. Thankyou once again, it definitely is the best purchase I have made and I'm proud to display your curtains in my home :-) (Donna, Kent, UK)

I would highly recommend this shop. The product was wonderful and the customer service was outstanding. Best I have had in a long time. Very happy with purchase and already thinking of what I can buy next! (Christie, USA)

This purchase was perfect in every way - beautiful, very well-made, well-designed curtain; fantastic, friendly communication; & very fast service. All from the other side of the world. Our new curtain is now in pride of place in our seaside guest house. (Bobbie, Bribie Island, Australia)