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I am really glad that your Google journey has brought you here so that you can discover designs that will nourish your eyes and your “aesthetic soul”.

This is a little oasis in the middle of the High Street desert which we have created for someone like you who shares our belief in the beauty of simple designs for children.

You know your vision for your child’s room does not fit with the mainstream products. You feel frustrated with cartoon-inspired decor and overabundance of the same, mass-made products which are more about price than high quality and value.

Let me show you around

We are a boutique, family curtain design studio. We believe that simplicity in children’s design can be nourishing, relaxing and inspiring; that it will make children feel abundant-full of imaginative, wonderful ideas and make them become sensitive to learning about the world around them.

We express this belief through our range of high-end, unique and customisable curtains. We create modern, timeless children's pieces which are made from linen, organic cotton and Oeko-Tex certified cotton, fabrics that are friendlier to children’s delicate skin and the planet alike.

Our goal?

To help you decorate your child's room with simple and beautiful, high-end custom curtains which do not compromise the design and style of adult spaces, are functional, and eco-friendly.

Here is what you can do next

To get to know us a little more, head to Our Story page and Under our skin to learn more about the principles we live by.

For more information on custom designs visit How we work section.

To ask a question, either email us at hello@dottystripes.com or use the Contact Us form.

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Founder, DottyStripes